Fulenny Group: What is the difference between cable and wire

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In the network developed today, we can often see the word cable on the Internet, cable is different from the wire we usually use, then what is the difference between the cable and the wire, then I will take you to have a look.

Wire is basically a conductive metal wire used to carry electric current. Wires come in various forms, from solid to stranded or woven with foil. According to the insulation can be divided into bare wire and insulated wire two categories. The cable is an insulated wire composed of one or more conductive wire cores insulated from each other placed in a sealed sheath. Its outside can be added maintenance cover layer, wire and cable is the difference between the size of the wire is basically small, and the layout is relatively brief, but sometimes will also put the cable into the general wire.



Bare Wire A wire without any insulation or maintenance layer. In addition to as the transmission of electric energy and information wire, but also used in the production of electrical machinery, electrical components and connecting lines. Usually copper, aluminum, copper alloy, aluminum alloy. In addition, there are various types of insulated wires suitable for special needs, such as low-voltage wires for automobiles. Automotive high voltage point front, electrical motor and electrical wiring, aviation wire, compensation wire, etc. Cables are used to transmit, distribute electrical energy or transmit electrical signals. Cables can be divided into power cables, communication cables and control cables according to their uses.

Above is the difference between the cables and wires, the difference is quite big, the cable is different from the wire USES more wider, you can choose according to their specific needs to buy, should choose when buying normal manufacturer, don't buy into the product quality is bad, after all, involving electricity, buy some bad quality problem is very dangerous.

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